• Higher torque transmission
  • High advantage to hexagon drive
  • Small amount of radial stress
  • Straight sides prevent Cam-Out effect
  • High advantage for automatic assembly lines


Hexagon socket

TORXplus® It's time to try it

Only the TORXplus® Drive System gives you the benefit you need to have a more productive assembly line.



Test fastened with 500.000 M6 screws
340 Phillips-Bits, 25 TORX®-Bits, 5 TORXplus®-Bits
WR®-Driver-Bits TORXplus® can be delivered, in order to have the benefits of TORXplus® Drive System.
Special Bits are also possible to be delivered.

TORXplus® Autosert®

TORXplus® Drive System is also available with Autosert® feature for high RPM engagement.

It is a perfect solution for assembly situations where the driver bit is continously rotating.

TORXplus® Low Profile Head

External TORXplus® low profile head fasteners are the ideal choice for high torque transfer capability and low head height.

  • Provides high strength
  • Ensures optimal torque transmission
  • Allows high torque transfer
  • Minimizes required space
  • Excellent drive system for miniature fasteners
  • Reduces wear in drive tools for extended tool life
  • Material savings