Screw for screw – quality connects

The company was founded in 1932 by Walter Rüggeberg and since 1970 named Schraubenfabrik W. Rüggeberg GmbH. Since 1969 the company is managed by Mrs. Marlies Malmendier-Rüggeberg.

In June 1998 the company moved to the new installed factory in 58339 Breckerfeld. Built in an area of more than 9.000 m² it provides an outlook on a good performance in future and besides that a beautiful view of a hilly landscape. 2013 an additional building was constructed for stock and logistic.

We invested continuously in new machinery and building, in order to realize the increasing quality requirements of our customers. New camera sorting machines produce sorted screws acc. different inspection criterias.

WR®400-sorted screws ensures the most cost effective usage of our customers automatic assembly lines

  • Effectiv: Our WR®-screws – your solution

The production of our screws is concentrated to the individual customer’s needs (mainly electric industry and automotive industry).

The base of our WR®-standard program realize unusual ideas and offers a variety of cost reducing procedures and services for more than 5.000 executions.

  • Screws and fasteners ∅ 2,0 mm und ∅ 8,0 mm
  • Kombi-screws M3 – M6
  • WR®-KT and WR®-KTPlus® – thread forming screws for thermoplast material
  • WR®-TriTite – thread forming screws for metal material
  • WR®-cold formed fasteners produced on modern multi headers
  • TORX® and TORXplus® license since 01.09.2009
  • Efficient production for the best quality

Our target: to improve the satisfaction of our clients, suppliers and members of our staff in order to optimize our production costs.

Due to a modern MES-Software we are on our way to industry 4.0. Our machine monitoring system during production presents us the necessary transparency. We are able to control in real time the different production steps and we are therefore in the position to decide and to help our clients – quick and flexible.

Our ERP-software organization helps us to plan and optimize our costs for raw material and technical equipment.